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Like a man with a memory like a sieve, Jonathan Valentine — aka Chevron — changes his tune from one moment to the next, leaping great bounds from genre to genre, tone to tone. The second instalment in his Memory Disks series is, yet again, a music library in micro form; fast-motion fidgeting with the skittering drill and bass of ‘Malibu’ and ‘Sigh’, getting its slippers on and smashing the Sunday paper crossword with the ambient bliss of ‘The Reset’ and ‘A’. ‘Do You Wanna Do Me (Like Someone You Love)’ disarms most of all, striking a tantalising balance between pre-gloom Joy Division and love-sick Nick Cave.

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  1. 1 Icebreaker 4:13 Chevron Buy
  2. 2 Do You Wanna Do Me? (Like Someone You Love) 4:22 Chevron Buy
  3. 3 The Reset 2:33 Chevron Buy
  4. 4 Malibu 2:21 Chevron Buy
  5. 5 Á 1:39 Chevron Buy
  6. 6 Branches 3:37 Chevron Buy
  7. 7 Formaggio e Spionaggio 2:18 Chevron Buy
  8. 8 Sigh 3:31 Chevron Buy
  9. 9 Trincomalee 2:24 Chevron Buy
  10. 10 I Want To Go Out 3:26 Chevron Buy



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