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Who Else
Who Else
Monkeytown Records
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February 2019
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Modeselektor returns with their first new album since 2011, Who Else. Fresh from compiling the latest Modeselektion comp for Monkeytown x Ninja Tune, this new album offers next level production and as always a properly varied sequence of grime, techno, hip-hop and many more styles, Who Else is the sound of the duo rambling, raving, experimenting and just generally cutting-edge electronic gear in each and every genre mode they lock into.

Representing the sound of Berlin in all its ambivalence, lead single 'Wealth' featuring London Grime artist Flohio sets the stage for what's to come within the rest of the album's nightclub-ready caverns, a mix of addictive pop hooks, zig-zagging basslines and a tailor-made selection of hi-hats, snares and drops, leaving no synth sound recycled on any other occasion. Who Else is a record freed from any outside pressures in that it finds Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary only driven by a personal ambition to once again put out a truly great album.

Listening with the Modeselektion Vol. 04 compilation still fresh in our listening pile, it's easy to draw parallels with the very best of the current underground operating within experimental and electronic club music, Who Else sees Modeselektor once more pushing the boundaries of what defines them as artists whole also answering each and every question you dare throw at it with a two word reply... Want some fresh as grime, pounding techno and rugged bass mixed with a bit of garage swing, a selection of tight bars and vocal hooks, all placed within a stadium-sized track selection that kicks against the predictable techno records? Then you'd do no better looking further than Modeselektor, as really Who Else can you expect all this and much more from? Killer selection...

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  1. 1 Wealth 4:05 Modeselektor & Flohio


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