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The Deep End
The Deep End
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October 2018
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Portland solo artist Saloli drops her debut record on Kranky. The kernel of inspiration for The Deep End came when Saloli - real name Mary Sutton - was invited to give a performance at a soaking-pool sauna. This need to create music that would appeal to people ‘sitting motionless and naked in hot bubbly water’ was the start of the journey that would eventually culminate in this LP. These instrumentals are playful and friendly numbers that combine the retrotastic synthscapes of early Oneohtrix Point Never with the simple beauty of Erik Satie. As such, The Deep End will slot in nicely alongside any other New Age/ambient cops in your collection.

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  1. 1 Barcarolle 2:00 Saloli
  2. 2 Umbrellas 2:00 Saloli
  3. 3 Revolver 2:00 Saloli
  4. 4 Hey Ahh 2:00 Saloli
  5. 5 Ice World 2:00 Saloli
  6. 6 Anthem 2:00 Saloli
  7. 7 Nocturne 2:00 Saloli
  8. 8 Reverie 2:00 Saloli
  9. 9 Lullaby 2:00 Saloli


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