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July 2018
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Norwegian Braindancer EOD delivers a proper refreshing triple LP set of drum breaks and liquid electronic Rephlexions.

Loaded up with a proper selection of battery acid techno and Analord mind-boggling drum arrangements, EOD's 'Named' really is every bit as bonkers as the cover art. There is not much to be said about this gear that hasn't been said before, but needless to say, if you are a disciple of Venetian Snares, AFX, The Flashbulb, Wisp etc then EOD is most likely gonna be high on your listening list.

The thing that will make EOD stand out from the legions of 10 a penny currently active BD copyists is how he seemingly twists the classic sounds into interesting new shapes that really start to go beyond recognition, be prepared to throw around terms like Ambient Braindance? Drill 'n' Jungle? Woody Wood Pecker on PCP Techno? with this one.

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  1. 1 Exham Priory (Original Mix) 4:02 EOD Buy
  2. 2 'sblood Thou Stinkard (Original Mix) 4:46 EOD Buy
  3. 3 Asenath (Original Mix) 1:53 EOD Buy
  4. 4 Dagon (Original Mix) 3:38 EOD Buy
  5. 5 Edward (Original Mix) 4:45 EOD Buy
  6. 6 R'lyeh (Original Mix) 6:09 EOD Buy
  7. 7 Zadok (Original Mix) 2:41 EOD Buy
  8. 8 The Deep Ones (Original Mix) 0:23 EOD Buy
  9. 9 Marsh Refinery (Original Mix) 2:44 EOD Buy
  10. 10 Y'ha-nthlei (Original Mix) 4:50 EOD Buy
  11. 11 Wilbur (Original Mix) 4:21 EOD Buy
  12. 12 Lavinia (Original Mix) 5:09 EOD Buy
  13. 13 Nyarlathotep (Original Mix) 3:48 EOD Buy
  14. 14 Blasted Heath (Original Mix) 1:32 EOD Buy
  15. 15 Whippoorwills (Original Mix) 3:29 EOD Buy



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