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Are You Anywhere
Are You Anywhere
Project Mooncircle
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October 2017
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Instrumental hip-hop / UK bass / whatever you call it producer now based in Tokyo drops a new twelve track album on Project Mooncircle. Vintage new agey textures aplenty on the DX7 keys plus 90s style slow jam beats come together to form a smooth accompaniment for your next late night walk across the city. Submerse builds upon his epic ‘Works’ LP to further explore his current chillwave sound.

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  1. 1 Sleepover 2:37 submerse Buy
  2. 2 Needs More Z's 2:28 submerse Buy
  3. 3 Firstbase 2:50 submerse Buy
  4. 4 Can We Go Back 2:44 Submerse feat. fitz ambro$e Buy
  5. 5 Driving with Cosmopolyphonic 2:53 submerse Buy
  6. 6 Cool Off 1:47 submerse Buy
  7. 7 Wavedash 2:08 submerse Buy
  8. 8 Splash 2:56 submerse Buy
  9. 9 Too Many Sidequests 2:30 submerse Buy
  10. 10 Good w U 1:49 Submerse feat. fitz ambro$e Buy
  11. 11 Zeros 2:38 submerse Buy
  12. 12 Are You Anywhere 3:04 submerse Buy


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