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Quite possibly our favorite reissue label in the world right now, STROOM 〰 return with a brilliant NSRD retrospective. This album-length offering of ambient goth-pop sounds at times like a cross between Broadcast's Tender Buttons, Lena Platonos, From Nursery to Misery and something you would expect to find buried within the realms of the Folklore Tapes imprint.

Having been active throughout the 1980s, NSRD's vast discography remains a hidden jewel within the endlessly archived years of for want of a better word many would coin "post-punk". The Workshop For The Restoration Of Unfelt Feelings places together twelve lo-fi sketches that, like all of the best music, really take you on a journey into the unknown.

From the word go it's nearly impossible to tell the difference between the dreamscape guitar chords and the oceanic synth notes. They all seemingly melt together with a melancholic edge that has characterized so much of the gold that STROOM 〰 has dug up in its short lifespan.

Up there with Jan Van den Broeke and Cybe's entries as some of the year's truly greatest reissues.

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  1. 1 Schwenn 0:59 NSRD
  2. 2 Karstvina Recepte 0:58 NSRD
  3. 3 Kaadaa Riitaa 0:58 NSRD
  4. 4 Plava 0:59 NSRD
  5. 5 Kastanis 0:58 NSRD
  6. 6 Decembra Sesija Part 2 0:59 NSRD
  7. 7 Baanuuzhi Part 2 0:59 NSRD
  8. 8 Sieviete Ar Casio 0:59 NSRD
  9. 9 Kurmja Aptuvenie Celji 0:59 NSRD
  10. 10 Kina 0:59 NSRD
  11. 11 Levadmuuzika Maskavas TV programmai LAIKS 0:59 NSRD
  12. 12 Guia Expedit 0:59 NSRD



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