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Reat is the first album to be released by Mika Vainio following his tragic passing on the 13th April 2017, built out of eight intensely powerful compositions, Reat shows the broad range of styles and sounds that Mika made his own. From his signature ambient Sahko sound to the raw power metal that was present in so many of his recordings, each track has been built to submission with his truly unique take on the sound, one that made Mika Vainio one of the most integral and rewarding artists to ever grace our turntable.

Arriving via the Berlin-based Elektro Music Department label Reat is the first record from the imprint for over a decade. Primarily set up as a vehicle for Klaus Kota, the appearance of Mika Vainio's Reat will arrive as a surprise release for most. Yet for the hardened fans who kept their eyes peeled to Mika's website, Reat has been listed as a forthcoming project for some time.

Reat explores the different sides to Mika Vainio's musicality, from 'Secondhand Twilight' with its lone submarine signal techno that calls to mind the bleep techno of 1995s 'Atomit EP', whilst echoes of the fiercely powerful 'Life (...It Eats You Up)' style tinnitus lay beside a soundsystem assault from 'A Season In Harar 1881'. While his Blast First classic 'Kilo' offers some vastly sized dynamic destruction with 'Give 'Em Hell Echo Pappa', the ice cold melancholic twilight that falls across 'Diderik & Iselin' could be an offcut from the 'Oleva' sessions.

Reat contains some of the most timeless, crystal clear sound designs from this unique one of a kind artist, one that we will still be basking in the impact from his musical vision for many decades to come.

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  1. 1 Give 'Em Hell Echo Pappa 0:55 Mika Vainio
  2. 2 A Season In Harar 1881 0:55 Mika Vainio
  3. 3 Horse Can Stand 0:58 Mika Vainio
  4. 4 Diderik & Iselin 1:04 Mika Vainio
  5. 5 Gear 0:55 Mika Vainio
  6. 6 -And Around Coils Of Horns 0:49 Mika Vainio
  7. 7 Ant Steamtrap 0:54 Mika Vainio
  8. 8 Secondhand Twilight 1:17 Mika Vainio

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