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Mika Vainio is renowned for his thrilling brand of electronic experimentation, be it through his Ø project or duo effort as Pan Sonic. Either way, his output has consistently unearthed new grounds for electronic music and new solo album ‘Kilo’ promises more of the same. Vainio explores a dense blend of industrial drone, charting darker territories keeping the listener trapped deep within the sound – music to get lost in.

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  1. 1 Cargo 7:23 Mika Vainio Buy
  2. 2 Cranes 5:24 Mika Vainio Buy
  3. 3 Load 5:57 Mika Vainio Buy
  4. 4 Docks 5:04 Mika Vainio Buy
  5. 5 Sub-atlantic 6:24 Mika Vainio Buy
  6. 6 Rust 3:36 Mika Vainio Buy
  7. 7 Wreck 5:13 Mika Vainio Buy
  8. 8 Scale 3:12 Mika Vainio Buy
  9. 9 Freight 5:47 Mika Vainio Buy
  10. 10 Weight 5:28 Mika Vainio Buy

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