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Z (aka Bernard Szajner) presents Visions of Dune
Bernard Szajner
Z (aka Bernard Szajner) presents Visions of Dune
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August 2014
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Originally recorded in 1979, Bernard Szajner’s concept album Visions of Dune is based around Frank Herbert’s cult Dune Trilogy. A journey in the best sense of the word, this album builds stunning worlds out of grand artistic strokes, with imposing drones and cacophonous percussion colliding to evoke interstellar travel and mysterious life forms. From the prog rock pomp of the introductory 'Dune' to the modular masterpiece that is 'Shai-Hulud', through to the spine-tingling shill of the previously unreleased 'Duke', it's a bold and immersive listen that's well deserving of this sumptuous rerelease.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Dune 4:53 Bernard Szajner Buy
  2. 2 Bashar 1:34 Bernard Szajner Buy
  3. 3 Thufir Hawat 1:10 Bernard Szajner Buy
  4. 4 Sardaukar 1:00 Bernard Szajner Buy
  5. 5 Bene Gesserit 7:17 Bernard Szajner Buy
  6. 6 Shai Hulud 7:21 Bernard Szajner Buy
  7. 7 The Duke (Bonus Track) 4:37 Bernard Szajner Buy
  8. 8 Fremen 4:10 Bernard Szajner Buy
  9. 9 Harkonnen 2:56 Bernard Szajner Buy
  10. 10 Adab 2:27 Bernard Szajner Buy
  11. 11 Gom Jabbar 1:25 Bernard Szajner Buy
  12. 12 Ibad 4:47 Bernard Szajner Buy
  13. 13 Kwizatz Haderach 5:47 Bernard Szajner Buy
  14. 14 Spice (Bonus Track) 4:29 Bernard Szajner Buy

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