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Hello Mom!
Hello Mom!
BPitch Control
Catalogue Number
Release Date
January 2001
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The debut record from Modeselektor circa 2005, pretty much blew the competition away and set their name alight following a handful of early EP's... With Hello Mom! Bronserzt and Szary managed to create a record that sounded, and still sounds completely ahead of its time. Flavours mixed into its digital bodywork include sparked out euro-crunk, cut up grime experiments, left-field electro pop, and furiously inventive sound design. A landmark record.

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  1. 1 Dancing Box (feat. TTC) 3:59 Modeselektor Buy
  2. 2 Die Club-Nummer 4:32 Modeselektor Buy
  3. 3 Tetrispack 4:16 Modeselektor Buy
  4. 4 The Rapanthem 4:28 Modeselektor Buy
  5. 5 Kill Bill Vol. 4 5:13 Modeselektor Buy
  6. 6 Ziq Zaq 5:27 Modeselektor Buy
  7. 7 Vote Or Die 5:13 Modeselektor Buy
  8. 8 Earth (UPS Edit) 3:50 Modeselektor Buy
  9. 9 Fake Emotion (feat. Paul St. Hillaire) 3:22 Modeselektor Buy
  10. 10 In Loving Memory 5:49 Modeselektor Buy
  11. 11 Hasir 4:50 Modeselektor Buy
  12. 12 Silikon (feat. Sacha Perera) 3:46 Modeselektor Buy
  13. 13 I Love You 5:17 Modeselektor Buy


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