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From the Horizon
From the Horizon
Civil Music
Catalogue Number
Release Date
June 2012
13 Tracks
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Debruit’s debut album for Civil Music comes with three years in the making, a period of time spent by the man in question needlessly digging through archives, sampling lost and rare African melodies and rhythms and collecting a kaleidoscope of field recordings. Inspired by the sounds of western Africa the Frenchman reinterprets raw tribal sounds, 70s highlife and afro funk psych into a hip-hop and drum-heavy curveball.

  1. 1 Cri 3:55 Debruit Buy
  2. 2 Ata 3:37 Debruit Buy
  3. 3 Cuivrée 3:09 Debruit Buy
  4. 4 Afro Booty Musique 5:48 Debruit Buy
  5. 5 Ogene Udu 3:35 Debruit Buy
  6. 6 Frère 3:07 Debruit Buy
  7. 7 Zef 2:28 Debruit Buy
  8. 8 Mega Wagna 2:58 Debruit Buy
  9. 9 Ouest Wind's Seagulls 2:19 Debruit Buy
  10. 10 Akoula 3:39 Debruit Buy
  11. 11 Rêve Du Niger 3:32 Debruit Buy
  12. 12 Marabout 4:02 Debruit Buy
  13. 13 The Day I Lost My Funk 3:50 Debruit Buy


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