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July 2011
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Years of elusiveness has led to a huge amount of mystique and anticipation building around Zomby, with this in mind - it's with a sigh of relief that 'Dedication' is well worth the wait.

The journey to this release has been interesting to say the least. Very different from his post-rave pastiche debut Where Were U in '92, this album explores a far more melodic side to the mysterious London producer.

Labelled "Dedication" and supposedly recorded in tribute to "someone much loved and sorely missed", the album is soaked with melancholic minor-key melodies throughout. Lonely haunting piano solos give minor respites from the beat-based pixelated productions we know and love. We are pleased to say that we have waited in anticipation and have been luckily delivered an incredible album that sees a well-rounded and mature output from one of London's most enigmatic and talented producers.

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  1. 1 Witch Hunt 1:46 Zomby Buy
  2. 2 Natalia?s Song 4:03 Zomby Buy
  3. 3 Alothea 2:49 Zomby Buy
  4. 4 Black Orchid 1:33 Zomby Buy
  5. 5 Riding With Death 2:02 Zomby Buy
  6. 6 Vortex 1:58 Zomby Buy
  7. 7 Things Fall Apart 2:50 Zomby Buy
  8. 8 Salamander 0:51 Zomby Buy
  9. 9 Lucifer 0:56 Zomby Buy
  10. 10 Digital Rain 3:29 Zomby Buy
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