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Mercury's Rainbow
Mercury's Rainbow
Modern Love
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December 2017
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Zomby's near-mythical Eski grime album finally sees the cold light of day via Modern Love.

Recorded almost a decade ago during a bout of circadian dysrhythmia, Mercury’s Rainbow is the bridge between the '92 'ardkore canin' of his WWU LP for Werk and the now widely regarded classic Hyperdub LP Ultra. While the list of producers who are influenced by Wiley's game-changing/genre-founding Eski sound extends for miles and miles, what makes Zomby's versions of the Eskiboy rhythms so singular is the way he morphs the fluidity of Wiley's cold snap into his own 8-bit/8-bar lucid blasts.

For the grime connoisseurs, snatches of everything from Ice Rink to Oi! and a thousand whitelabel 12"s that still sound like the future filter through, yet the underlying sound is none other than Zomby. While it wears its influence on its sleeve, Mercury's Rainbow also stands tall as one of the year's most deadly audio assaults, regardless of genre.

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  1. 1 Mercury's Rainbow 2:05 Zomby Buy
  2. 2 Choke 2:05 Zomby Buy
  3. 3 Poison 1:51 Zomby Buy
  4. 4 Static 1:40 Zomby Buy
  5. 5 Delvaux 3:28 Zomby Buy
  6. 6 Silver Ocean 2:19 Zomby Buy
  7. 7 Immersion 1:52 Zomby Buy
  8. 8 Waterfall of Ice 3:01 Zomby Buy
  9. 9 Rigamortis 2:06 Zomby Buy
  10. 10 Whirlpool 2:14 Zomby Buy
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