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AD 93
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July 9, 2021
  • Vinyl 1×LP

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    • Printed inner and outer sleeve.
    • Outer sleeve features an embossed gloss print of 'Moot!'

    Estimated release date: July 9, 2021

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  • 'Crappy Dreams Count'
  • 'Right Is Alright, Wrong Is To Belong'

Full release delivered on release date: 07.09.21

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Moin is a three-piece group consisting of Joe Andrews and Tom Halstead of Raime alongside longtime collaborator Valentina Magaletti of Tomaga, Shit & Shine & CZN. Released on AD93, Moot marks a creative left turn for the label and a pared-down studio approach for the artists involved. According to Moin, “the record was made as an experiment really, it felt like the right time to play on the fringes of this kind of music. The priority was to be direct at first and then change the edges perhaps. Make something to experience rather than something as a spectacle.”

Made using traditional live recording techniques with some sparingly applied sampling and post-processing in the studio afterwards, it’s a heady interpretation of the mist between post-punk, hardcore and down-tuned US stoner rock. There’s flashes of Slint in the hollow locked in percussion and ominous bass interludes, there's elements of the various influential projects of Justin Broadrick, Steve Albini or even Kevin Shields with the warm distortion across tracks like 'It's Never Goodbye' and the rhythmic complexity in the tightly wound, menacing time signatures.

A no-frills rediscovery of the music which informed their youth, Moot! is the culmination of 3 visionaries stripping things back to the essential elements. A visceral and timeless experience that's highly recommended.

Mastered and cut by Noel Summerville
Image by Moin
Design by Alex McCullough and Andrew Osman

Digital Track List

  1. 1 No to Gods, No to Sunsets 4:16
  2. 2 Crappy Dreams Count 4:02 Buy

    Crappy Dreams Count

  3. 3 Don't Make Me Wait 4:26
  4. 4 Right Is Alright, Wrong Is To Belong 4:57 Buy

    Right Is Alright, Wrong Is To Belong

  5. 5 Lungs 3:40
  6. 6 I Can't Help but Melt 4:22
  7. 7 An Utter Stink 4:01
  8. 8 It's Never Goodbye 5:12


AD 93

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