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notes on a ƒolder
A Folder
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July 3, 2020


Press Release

✰ notes on a ƒolder ✰ is a three-track companion piece to the longer volumes of Powell music already released this year. in the middle of this virtual sandwich is the track from which the ep contracts its name ➜ ‘notes on a ƒolder, v-s’,

contains an extended Microsoft Word text-to- speech spiel written by Powell towards the end of

  1. part informative reference text, part comic diatribe, it sketches a loose cartography of interests that are more easily felt than understood. the EP begins with the deviant dance-hit, ‘when?’, a track that recalls his older music in its strict emphasis on rhythm but resolves in an unlikely melancholic chord progression that burns a little brighter for its peculiarity and place in the catalogue. the longing with which it concludes is mirrored by the affirmative ⨧ urgent voice gestures on the two voice tracks. ‘breathe into the light’, another synthetic talking configuration, is underpinned by a backwards sense of funk: ‘we ride on the feet of a wind and move through walls, towards the river, uninterrupted’. to sum up: another small slice of bizarre musical movements in the chaotic constellation known as a ƒolder []. image/art by Michael Amstad and Marte Eknæs.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 when? 3:31 Buy
  2. 2 notes on a ?older, v-s 6:50 Buy

    notes on a ?older, v-s

  3. 3 breathe into the light 2:31 Buy

    breathe into the light


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