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multiply the sides
A Folder
Catalogue Number
Release Date
May 15, 2020


First things first - multiply the sides isn’t much like Powell’s other albums. Sure, the Diagonal Records co-founder has always had an experimental streak that runs concurrently with his peculiar take on techno, and those avant-garde tendencies have come to the fore on recent releases like 2017’s New Beta volumes or 2018’s Wolfgang Tillmans collaboration Spoken By The Other. However, this one goes way beyond anything he’s done before. Leave preconceptions at the door.

What we have here is a collection of micro-loops, electronic gestures and outre, faux-naif synth malfunctions. This is challenging sound-art that scurries away from one, industrial and concrete at the same moment, like a modern-day Stockhausen. On ‘difference, mosaic 2’ and ‘? difference, for nik ?’ keyboards chime away, spurting out ersatz, skew-whiff takes on fairground organs. ‘transfer, ceaseless rumble’ spins those keyboards into ever-rising drones, unsettling things that fight against a ‘ceaseless rumble’ of static.

If you squint, there are still evident parallels to previous Powell productions to be found in multiply the sides. Ghosts of his former club-oriented sound can be found in the trio of ‘into a fold’ pieces that form the centre of the record, and opener ‘transposer 2’ sometimes offers similar tap-tap rhythms. However, these are almost photo-negatives of club tracks, their beats abstracted into weird, scurrying little things that seem to actively toy with your expectations of what a Powell record might sound like.

Powell’s multiply the sides, released via the bespoke label a ƒolder, is a set of strangely fascinating musique concrete.

Features exclusive bonus track

midi-flex 222

l wrote this piece under lockdown 19-26 april 2020 ➜ companion / future relation to the two albums available elsewhere from today ☐☐☐ 13 May 2020 ☐☐☐ both of those were recorded in 2019 ➜ this piece midi-flex 2222 is currently available only viaBleepit felt necessary to release something that was made now ✰living inside a corona bubble that will likely be talked about long after it pops ✰ this creates a kind of flow between before and after the event ▷it’s named midi-flex 222 because it’s the first piece I made withthe ADDAC 222 cv ➜ midi note device ☐☐☐

Digital Track List

  1. 1 transposer, 2 2:12 Buy
  2. 2 difference, mosaic 2 6:09 Buy

    difference, mosaic 2

  3. 3 ? difference, for nik ? 3:05 Buy

    ? difference, for nik ?

  4. 4 into a fold, 1 1:16 Buy

    into a fold, 1

  5. 5 into a fold, 2 1:31 Buy

    into a fold, 2

  6. 6 into a fold, 3 4:14 Buy

    into a fold, 3

  7. 7 all speeds 3:33 Buy
  8. 8 transfer, ceasless rumble 8:04 Buy

    transfer, ceasless rumble


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