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Cavern Of Anti-Matter
In Fabric OST
Catalogue Number
Release Date
May 13, 2020


Peter Strickland’s film In Fabric was met with almost universal acclaim when it emerged in 2019. The soundtrack, composed by Cavern Of Anti-Matter played no small part in the film’s success, and as such the band’s In Fabric OST is more than deserving of a standalone release.

Cavern Of Anti-Matter LPs tend to be lengthy affairs, but even by their standards the band have spoiled us with In Fabric. The record contains no fewer than thirty-five tracks - and while some are the short scene-setting vignettes you’d expect from a film score, ‘Cold Fabric (Transformation)’ and ‘Queue Nightfall’ both clock in at well over ten minutes.

Whether long or short, all of the pieces have an air of hypnagogic beauty about them that is eerily beautiful. Though the sounds that Cavern Of Anti-Matter use here draw more from the traditions of kosmische and post-rock, the air of cerebral unease that runs through In Fabric owes as much to David Axelrod as it does Ghost Box Records. Stylistically the record often veers towards synthetic drones, but this is far from the only style Cavern Of Anti-Matter take on - there is a shimmering, almost aquatic beauty to pieces such as ‘The Dress Perspective’ while ‘Speaks Machine’ has the same chic library-disco thud one finds in the early work of Tim Gane and Joe Dilworth’s previous group Stereolab.

Cavern Of Anti-Matter prove themselves masters of modern kosmische once more with their score for Peter Strickland’s In Fabric.

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 High Street Spasm 1:46 Buy

    High Street Spasm

  2. 2 The Dress Perspective (demonstration) 2:07 Buy

    The Dress Perspective (demonstration)

  3. 3 January-upon-Thames 0:57 Buy


  4. 4 An Ambiguous Shopfloor Manoeuvre 1:19 Buy

    An Ambiguous Shopfloor Manoeuvre

  5. 5 Cold Fabric (Transformation) 13:07 Buy

    Cold Fabric (Transformation)

  6. 6 Inside Luckmoore 4:39 Buy

    Inside Luckmoore

  7. 7 Mannequin Metric 4:14 Buy

    Mannequin Metric

  8. 8 Queue Nightfall 11:02 Buy
  9. 9 The Dress Perspective (Muzak) 2:06 Buy

    The Dress Perspective (Muzak)

  10. 10 Elektro-Modulator 2 2:10 Buy

    Elektro-Modulator 2

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