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Low Life
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September 2017
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Much needed reissue of Low Life's underground classic Dogging via Alter, following on from brilliant Bomber albums by Love Theme and The Bomber Jackets.

Originally set to come out in 2012 via Negative Guest List Records, the imprints owner sadly passed away before it was released. It wasn't until 2014 that it eventually emerged as a split between two labels from the band's home turf of Sydney, Disinfect Records and R.I.P. Society. Fast forward to 2017 and Luke Younger has given it the widely distributed release it so thoroughly deserves, a modern classic of underground punk and set to break hearts and win admirers once again, the world over.

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  1. 1 Dogging 3:44 Low Life Buy
  2. 2 Hammertime 2:02 Low Life Buy
  3. 3 Speed Ball 2:02 Low Life Buy
  4. 4 Down At The Dogs 3:09 Low Life Buy
  5. 5 DNA 2:13 Low Life Buy
  6. 6 Dream Machine 4:53 Low Life Buy
  7. 7 Emmie 4:06 Low Life Buy
  8. 8 Friends 5:24 Low Life Buy

Low Life


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