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One of our favourite labels operating on the fringes of avantpop/experimental psychedelia, Night School give a much needed vinyl pressing of the debut album from Helena Celle (following a super limited and long sold out cassette edition) entitled If I Can't Handle Me At My Best, Then You Don't Deserve You At Your Worst. It's a sporadic eight-track affair that to our ears draws parallels with Huerco S.'s latest For Those Of You Who Have Never LP and the electro-tonic splashes of colour across the recent Happy Meals 12" (if it were produced by John T. Gast).

Across the album, Helena delves deep into the lo-fi current post-punked underground that Night School is responsible for putting into a lot of people's record collections. Recorded using only an MC303 multi-tracker onto two dictaphones and then dispersed through an amp and recorded back onto a dictaphone, the results are crunchy and raw but utterly captivating for it. Fuzz and tape reverb drench each second and progress through with a split techno x synth-pop feel that gives it a fresh and unique flavour. It may well be her first release, but If I Can't... is sure to knock Celle to the top of this very distinct strain of DIY electronica that stems from bedroom studio experimentalists such as label mates Yong Yong and Paper Dollhouse to early Hype Williams productions. This is the first step in a series of forthcoming electronic music x computer programming projects on Night School involving Helena Celle so here's your chance to snap up the early renditions of someone we are sure to be hearing more of in the coming months.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Streaming Music For Biometrics 5:23 Helena Celle Buy
  2. 2 Live Slug Array For Information Processing 3:29 Helena Celle Buy
  3. 3 I'm Done With 666 3:42 Helena Celle Buy
  4. 4 Miming Swinging Baseball Bat 6:01 Helena Celle Buy
  5. 5 VR Addiction 5:36 Helena Celle Buy
  6. 6 When I Get Out Of Jail 3:55 Helena Celle Buy
  7. 7 What's Really Going Wrong (3d Printer Mix) 3:34 Helena Celle Buy
  8. 8 Distributed Denial Of Reality 8:03 Helena Celle Buy

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