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Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
The Mosaic of Transformation
Ghostly International
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May 15, 2020

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Every so often, an artist comes along to rejuvenate electronic music; not only has Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith composed alongside legendary composer Suzanne Ciani but, through a steadily building body of cosmic reinventions on the form, Smith has proved her influence as an artist in her own right. With her third solo LP The Mosaic of Transformation, the follow-up to 2017’s masterful The Kid, Smith as good as cements herself among the greats.

But like any great innovator, the key is in the details, a fact that only bolsters the grand themes of love and movement (Smith, ever the autodidact, has since taught herself dance, a primary source of inspiration across The Mosaic of Transformation). Though Smith’s dulcet vocal reverberates throughout the LP like a guiding voice, her delivery serves a purpose as another instrument among a carefully curated heavenly chorus of electronically manipulated strings and modulated synth patterns; a steadfast counterpoint to the vivacity of ‘The Steady Heart’, a glossy outpour from the digitised wall of ‘Remembering’. Even when instrumentality reigns supreme, such as on ‘Carrying Gravity’ and ‘The Spine is Quiet in the Centre’, her innate sensibilities find means for expression beyond words.

Above all, a startling humanity echoes throughout. At heart, The Mosaic of Transformation tells a universal truth through its ungraspable ethereality; we, each of us, contain the same electricity as the instruments that pull together the observable world, in art and utility.

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Unbraiding Boundless Energy Within Boundaries 1:07 Buy

    Unbraiding Boundless Energy Within Boundaries

  2. 2 Remembering 5:53 Buy
  3. 3 Understanding Body Messages 1:24 Buy

    Understanding Body Messages

  4. 4 The Steady Heart 5:39 Buy

    The Steady Heart

  5. 5 Carrying Gravity 7:04 Buy

    Carrying Gravity

  6. 6 The Spine Is Quiet In The Center 5:11 Buy

    The Spine Is Quiet In The Center

  7. 7 Overflowing 0:28 Buy
  8. 8 Deepening The Flow Of 0:27 Buy

    Deepening The Flow Of

  9. 9 Expanding Electricity 10:36 Buy

    Expanding Electricity

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