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Xeno & Oaklander
Dais Records
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March 15, 2019


Hypnos finds Brooklyn-based duo Sean McBride and Liz Wendelbo - AKA Xeno & Oaklander - taking their spring-loaded synth pop and consolidating it into an even tighter package. The works born from McBride and Wendelbo’s shared love of electronics and a pointed respect for the art, existing at once with and without the global synth wave revival. A stylish darkness consistently exudes from Hypnos, taking whispered François Hardy style vocals and the Upper East Side New Wave sophistication and melding them with a near-future cyberpunk aesthetic. Given the duo’s past forays into film scores, it’s also a bit Blade Runner; a bit Twin Peaks: The Return. In other words, this is synth wave to lose yourself in.

  1. 1 Fire & Smokes Xeno & Oaklander 1:59
  2. 2 Hypnos Xeno & Oaklander 1:59
  3. 3 Angelique Xeno & Oaklander 1:59
  4. 4 Insomnia Xeno & Oaklander 1:59
  5. 5 The Light, The Whisper Xeno & Oaklander 1:59
  6. 6 Altamira Xeno & Oaklander 1:59
  7. 7 A World Without Sun Xeno & Oaklander 1:59
  8. 8 Athena Xeno & Oaklander 1:59

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