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Jon Hopkins
Domino Recording Co
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August 30, 2024
  • Vinyl 2×LP, Limited Coloured

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    Clear vinyl with etched D side

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    • Bleep exclusive 12” Signed art print on Lustre Photographic paper limited to 500
    • Gatefold sleeve
    • Insert
    • Download card

    Estimated release date: August 30, 2024

  • Vinyl 2×LP

    Pre-order $29.99

    Black vinyl

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    • Gatefold sleeve
    • Insert & download card
    • Side D features artwork etching

    Estimated release date: August 30, 2024

  • CD

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    Estimated release date: August 30, 2024

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Jon Hopkins’ discography has tiptoed ever closer to the transcendental as his over two decade career has evolved. From the conceptual rave euphoria of Immunity, to the DMT-fuelled philosophy of Singularity, to the deep meditative ambience of Music For Psychedelic Therapy, spiritual and esoteric themes have crept into his classically informed, highly textural club productions. Where his last album pulled away from the dancefloor entirely, RITUAL returns with a new mindset, a syncretism of all his musical eras wrapped up into one.

Taking shape over a continuous mix, RITUAL tracks a transformative journey that for Hopkins sits outside the domain of human knowledge. Rather, it’s immersed in pure feeling, lost in a dense nebula of sound that slowly evolves in its subtle grandeur. A sharp breath in, a lighting of the match, and a single chime twinkles in the limitless ambience of cavern chambers. Brewing pulsations emanate from the thick cloud of smoke, materialising into minimal beats that finally mark the passage of time, and reveal that club catharsis and folk healing, techno and ancient, are one and the same.

Patiently growing in glittering intensity, the drums swish and sway amidst opalescent fusions of synthesis and wind. ‘part iv - the veil’ introduces a subterranean rumble that really raises the tension: rhythms of earthen might and bleeps of dripping stalactites scatter as churning bass distorts, with each percussive swipe releasing steam until we climb to a zenith of ceremonial, communal ecstasy on ‘part vi - solar goddess return’, panting and exhaling as vocals reach for the divine. The heightened energy dissolved in the shimmering aftermath, parting ways with one of Hopkins’ signature, fluttering piano closers ‘part viii - nothing is lost’.

With his seventh solo album RITUAL, Jon Hopkins unites chapters of his career into an ethereal experience.

Track List

  1. part i – altar
  2. part ii – palace / illusion
  3. part iii – transcend / lament
  4. part iv – the veil
  5. part v - evocation
  6. part vi – solar goddess return
  7. part vii – dissolution
  8. part viii – nothing is lost

Jon Hopkins

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