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Zaliva D
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March 2019
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Chinese duo Zaliva D issue their fourth album (and first vinyl LP) via Dutch imprint Knekelhuis (EYE, Parrish Smith). Forsaken is a record that lives up to its ominous title. There is a highly original blend of sonics on display here - the foreboding and drum-centric style of These New Puritans, Don’t DJ’s techno-adjacent voyages, Lolina’s anti-avant experiments, minimal synth darkness and so much more are combined across Forsaken. However, none of the aforementioned really do justice to the completely unique sound of Zaliva D. If you’re looking for a ballpark equivalent then maybe Pan Daijing or Hype Williams will do, but really Forsaken needs to be experienced to be fully appreciated.

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  1. 1 Cant Go Back 1:30 Zaliva D
  2. 2 Forsaken 2:00 Zaliva D
  3. 3 Faraway 1:32 Zaliva D
  4. 4 Wicked 1:31 Zaliva D
  5. 5 Gone With The Pest 1:33 Zaliva D
  6. 6 Human Addict 1:40 Zaliva D
  7. 7 Path 2:00 Zaliva D

Zaliva D


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