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A Cambodian Spring OST
James Holden
A Cambodian Spring OST
Border Community
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January 2019
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Instant download of track: 'Solidarity Theme (Release)' with all pre-orders.

Full release delivered on release date: 25.01.19

Border Community present a full release of James Holden's A Cambodian Spring OST.

Originally written to accompany the critically-acclaimed documentary 'A Cambodian Spring', the fourteen tracks pulse with melancholy, drones and even the occasional burst of beatless trance as fires through the uplifting arpeggios of album highlight 'Solidarity Theme'.

For those who are looking for another fix like Holden's now classic 2013 LP The Inheritors would do well to check this pronto…

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  1. 1 Srey Pov's Theme 2:53 James Holden
  2. 2 Monk's Theme, Pt. I 1:28 James Holden
  3. 3 Downturn Medley 2:19 James Holden
  4. 4 Solidarity Theme (Villagers) 1:34 James Holden
  5. 5 Monk's Theme, Pt. II 0:52 James Holden
  6. 6 The Villagers 2:00 James Holden
  7. 7 Disintegration Drone I 2:18 James Holden
  8. 8 Solidarity Theme (Release) 3:25 James Holden Buy
  9. 9 Monk's Theme, Pt. III (Exit) 2:24 James Holden
  10. 10 Reprise 1:26 James Holden
  11. 11 Disintegration Drone II (Torn Cone) 5:19 James Holden
  12. 12 Disintegration Drone III (Death Rattle) 3:05 James Holden
  13. 13 Self-Playing Schmaltz 4:46 James Holden
  14. 14 Srey Pov's Theme (End Credits) 5:16 James Holden

James Holden

Border Community

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