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Outdoor Museum of Fractals / 555hz
James Holden & Camilo Tirado / Luke Abbott
Outdoor Museum of Fractals / 555hz
Border Community
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February 2016
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Mind-blowing extended compositions from Border Community head honcho James Holden in collab with Camilo Tirado and longtime label mate Luke Abbott, recorded in tribute and as a way of celebrating the 80th birthday of minimalist pioneer Terry Riley. Holden enlists the help of tabla player Camilo Tirado for the new age meditations of Outdoor Museum of Fractals, topping over 40 minutes of spiraling-out-of-control synth work that is acutely complimented by the tabla. Gaining motion the whole time the track starts to sound like some long lost prog rock LP but all with that crystalline Holden sheen. The second half sees Luke Abbott casting out a shorter, but by no means short, 30-minute drone piece that provides the perfect come down and comes back up somewhere between Health and Efficiency This Heat and the live renditions of Sarah Davachi. These pieces go a long way to building upon the influence of Riley's work with ideas of hypnotic, slowly unfolding, linear music that continues to spiral into new directions at every turn.

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  1. 1 Outdoor Museum of Fractals (Clip) 2:00 James Holden & Camilo Tirado
  2. 2 555Hz (Clip) 2:00 Luke Abbott

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