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Absolutely mind-melting collection of Hieroglyphic Being jams like you have never heard before, The Replicant Dream Sequence (Blue PA14 Series) was recorded entirely on a Moog modular system 55 in late 2016 and features Hieroglyphic Being revealing his most towering production powers for a long time.

Testing the lab through his prismatic rhythmic cubism meets synth expressionism methodology, The Replicant Dream Sequence lands loaded to the brim with soundwaves that swirl around islands of haunted, incidental soundtrack sci-fi to (we think his own!) vocal-led acid bangers and even some dub factory style electro thrown in for good measure. All of this plus drone to grime to techno, the touchstones of reference are vividly rich and for those who give it their attention, Blue PA14 is sure to offer repeat rewards as well as standing out as one of Jamal's very best releases of the past few years.

When you throw in the Philip K. Dick referencing title, 'The Replicant Dream Sequence', coupled with pretty much every single side to Jamal Moss's music that we have encountered and loved in full swing, it's a real no-brainer tbh. An absolutely essential set.

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  1. 1 Sequence 01 6:26 Hieroglyphic Being Buy
  2. 2 Sequence 02 6:51 Hieroglyphic Being Buy
  3. 3 Sequence 03 4:34 Hieroglyphic Being Buy
  4. 4 Sequence 04 3:54 Hieroglyphic Being Buy
  5. 5 Sequence 05 2:45 Hieroglyphic Being Buy
  6. 6 Sequence 06 4:28 Hieroglyphic Being Buy
  7. 7 Sequence 07 3:26 Hieroglyphic Being Buy
  8. 8 Sequence 08 4:36 Hieroglyphic Being Buy

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