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One Way Traffic (Blue TB7 Series)
The Grid
One Way Traffic (Blue TB7 Series)
Moog Recordings Library
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June 2018
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The Grid arrive in the Moog sound lab to record an album of Kraftwerk-ian werk-outs, space noise jams, and slinky grooves with subtle pop-tones.

Not only a pioneer of synth-pop as part of Soft Cell, 50% of The Grid, David Ball was also a member of iconic industrial group Psychic TV and even recorded with Genesis P-Orridge the Some Bizzare classic Sincerity (surely one of the greatest weird-pop tracks ever?) while the other 50%, Richard Norris, is known to be both an eclectic beat-meister & ambient DJ, a record producer and a committed psychedelicist from Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve.

So as expected from the CV's above, The Grid knows their onions and One Way Traffic (Blue TB7 Series) is a tour de force through the other side of the mirror. Bleep techno stretched over the 90s and 00s before being shot into the black hole of oblivion. Post-punk with expensive synthesizers and strong love of classic Krautrock recording techniques. At times it sounds like a more spaced out Not Waving, while at others it's what PTV could have sounded like if they had to traverse the outer edges of dub. Basically its a really wicked set and is a must check for anyone following the series.

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  1. 1 One Way Traffic (Long) 26:43 The Grid
  2. 2 Test One 1:28 The Grid Buy
  3. 3 Disturbia 5:15 The Grid Buy
  4. 4 Goldenfilter 6:50 The Grid Buy
  5. 5 ECG 6:15 The Grid Buy
  6. 6 DPM 4:39 The Grid Buy
  7. 7 One Way Traffic (Beatless Bonus) 25:00 The Grid

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