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'Jamal Moss has cultivated an unmistakable sonic vocabulary. Genre signifiers are contorted into perplexing polyrhythms of perpetual dynamism and velocity. The chirps and squelches of acid heritage are subverted and lunged into new zones without sacrificing spirit. This is another essential statement from an impossibly unique and uncompromising talent.' Tadd Mullinix (JTC/Dabrye), November 2017 ...

  1. 1 Acid Attacks 1:27 Hieroglyphic Being
  2. 2 The Doors Of Perception 2:01 Hieroglyphic Being
  3. 3 The Teachings Of Don Juan 2:37 Hieroglyphic Being
  4. 4 Crome Yellow 3:00 Hieroglyphic Being
  5. 5 The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell 3:03 Hieroglyphic Being
  6. 6 The Perennial Philosophy 9:30 Hieroglyphic Being

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Experimental House and Techno

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