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Gazelle Twin
I Feel Blood/Exorcise (ACE 236 Series)
Moog Recordings Library
Catalogue Number
Release Date
September 14, 2018


Re-made/Remodeled during a residency hosted by the Moog Sound Lab, Cronenberg-inspired and Brighton-based composer and artist Elizabeth Bernholz releases ‘I Feel Blood/Exorcise’ on the Moog Recordings Library. Following an initial residency at the Birmingham City University as part of the city’s Supersonic Festival in 2015, Bernholz completed ‘I Feel Blood/Exorcise’ at the Ace Hotel in London’s Shoreditch, the entire Moog Sound Lab and a Brion Gysin ‘Dreamachine’ device at their disposal. The result is a work of powerful analogue production with vocals resembling Karin Dreijer. While the original version of ‘I Feel Blood’ depends on eerie douses of silence and a less is more approach to production, the Moog Recordings edition features lashes of dark wave and enhanced industrial sounds.

  1. 1 I Feel Blood 2:00
  2. 2 Exorcise 2:00

Gazelle Twin

Moog Recordings Library

Experimental Pop and New Wave

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