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Mark Pritchard unveils a brand new eight-track collection, The Four Worlds. Further exploring the sonic worlds first encountered on 2016’s opus “Under The Sun” and once again, an extended collaboration with acclaimed visual artist Jonathan Zawada.

The Four Worlds delves further into Mark Pritchard's current state of mind, with what is sure to be remembered as one of the most beautifully composed Warp tracks since Avril 14th. Trust us on this and check Circle Of Fear pronto if you do not believe.

Listening through in full, we gather The Four Worlds are split across the different terrains of sound mapped out by Mark, from the hushed alien landscape of Parkstone Melody II, its deserted land only punctured by the piano keys that fall through the mist throughout. Each world slowly begins to reveal itself as a sort of modern classical meditation, with moments of clarity drifting in and out, such as the cold shiver, eyes wide glare of Come Let Us which features an incredibly vivid Gregory Whitehead vocal. Before The Arched Window arrives, a track which manages to out Ghost Box the recent Ghost Box releases. Yet eventually these worlds are revealed as places where the inhabitants are looking out and not inward, this is most evident on the records most cherished piece which features The Space Lady omitting a softy spoken S.O.S. signal, a plea for help that we imagine many will reach out to embrace time and time again.

All Bleep customers who pre-ordered The Four Worlds or order it over the next week, get an exclusive track "Sentinel - Process Hate - Hope" credited in to their account.

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  1. 1 Glasspops 11:27 Mark Pritchard Buy
  2. 2 Circle of Fear 3:06 Mark Pritchard Buy
  3. 3 Come Let Us (feat. Gregory Whitehead) 2:56 Mark Pritchard Buy
  4. 4 The Arched Window 3:03 Mark Pritchard Buy
  5. 5 S.O.S. (feat. The Space Lady) 3:13 Mark Pritchard Buy
  6. 6 Parkstone Melody II 3:04 Mark Pritchard Buy
  7. 7 Mên-an-Tol 1:32 Mark Pritchard Buy
  8. 8 The Four Worlds 4:35 Mark Pritchard Buy

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