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Four Tet Remixes
Four Tet Remixes
Stones Throw
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November 2017

Way back in 2005 and long before Kieran Hebden had reached the sort of omnipresence he now enjoys, the young producer was invited to remix some of the tunes on Madvillan’s then-recent, now-seminal Madvillainy. Twelve years on and Stones Throw have repressed the vinyl. It’s initially a bit disconcerting hearing the legendary bars from ‘Accordion’ and ‘Organ Grinder’ out of their natural habitat, but you soon get used to it. Indeed, Hebden does a good job of aligning his own organic beatwork with the gangster vaudeville that was Madvillainy, and it pushes cuts like ‘Money Folder’ into exciting new territory. But most exciting is ‘Rhinestone Cowboy’, which actually sees Doom remixing one of Hebden’s remixes and coming out with something of typically brain-bending brilliance.

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  1. 1 Meat Grinder 1:05 Madvillian
  2. 2 Accordion 1:11 Madvillian
  3. 3 Money Folder 2:00 Madvillian
  4. 4 Great Day 1:18 Madvillian
  5. 5 Rhinestone Cowboy 2:00 Madvillian
  6. 6 Meat Grinder Instrumental 1:06 Madvillian
  7. 7 Accordion Instrumental 1:11 Madvillian
  8. 8 Money Folder Instrumental 2:00 Madvillian
  9. 9 Great Day Instrumental 1:21 Madvillian
  10. 10 Bonus Beat Instrumental 2:00 Madvillian


Stones Throw

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