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Mulatu Astatke
Mulatu Of Ethiopia
Catalogue Number
Release Date
May 19, 2017


Real deal psych here from the maestro Mulatu Astatke, taking in space age and exotica influences and blending them with his signature rawness to craft one of the many highlights of the 70s avant-jazz scene. Imagine if Nino Nardini had been Ethiopian and you’ll be on the right track to picturing just how masterful this work is. As Gil Snapper wrote way back when; “He has taken the ancient five-tone scales of Asia and Africa and woven them into something unique and exciting; a mixture of three cultures, Ethiopian, Puerto Rican and American”. Top tier sounds to soothe the soul, recommended for both seasoned heads and new fans of the genre alike.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Mulatu (Stereo Master) 5:03 Buy

    Mulatu (Stereo Master)

  2. 2 Mascaram Setaba (Stereo Master) 2:47 Buy

    Mascaram Setaba (Stereo Master)

  3. 3 Dewel (Stereo Master) 4:12 Buy

    Dewel (Stereo Master)

  4. 4 Kulunmanqueleshi (Stereo Master) 2:11 Buy

    Kulunmanqueleshi (Stereo Master)

  5. 5 Kasalefkut-hulu (Stereo Master) 2:26 Buy

    Kasalefkut-hulu (Stereo Master)

  6. 6 Munaye (Stereo Master) 3:32 Buy

    Munaye (Stereo Master)

  7. 7 Chifara (Stereo Master) 7:08 Buy

    Chifara (Stereo Master)

  8. 8 Mulatu (Mono Master) 5:31 Buy

    Mulatu (Mono Master)

  9. 9 Mascaram Setaba (Mono Master) 3:06 Buy

    Mascaram Setaba (Mono Master)

  10. 10 Dewel (Mono Master) 4:16 Buy

    Dewel (Mono Master)

  11. 11 Kulunmanqueleshi (Mono Master) 2:12 Buy

    Kulunmanqueleshi (Mono Master)

  12. 12 Kasalefkut-hulu (Mono Master) 2:29 Buy

    Kasalefkut-hulu (Mono Master)

  13. 13 Munaye (Mono Master) 5:24 Buy

    Munaye (Mono Master)

  14. 14 Chifara (Mono Master) 7:31 Buy

    Chifara (Mono Master)

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