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Conrad Schnitzler / Pole
Bureau B
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March 2017
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A one-time member of Tangerine Dream and lifetime member of the German avant-garde, Conrad Schnitzler’s sound vault was opened up to Jens Strüver, the producer of the Con-Struct series, around the time of Schnitzler’s death in 2011. The result is a series of new compositions crafted from Schnitzler’s base material, with this release from Pole (Scape Records) following the first two installments from Pyrolator and Schneider TM. The release is a fitting tribute Schnitzler’s experimental impulse - the tracks base themselves within classic techno, synth-pop or hip-hop structures, but the sheer array of synthesised sounds and textures across the record turn the forms on their heads to create something else entirely.

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  1. 1 Wurm 5:42 Conrad Schnitzler & Pole Buy
  2. 2 Sieht hoch, 5:02 Conrad Schnitzler & Pole Buy
  3. 3 Lacht 6:43 Conrad Schnitzler & Pole Buy
  4. 4 Und fängt den Vogel! 1:50 Conrad Schnitzler & Pole Buy
  5. 5 Drachenbäume sind friedliche Wesen 9:35 Conrad Schnitzler & Pole Buy
  6. 6 Wiegenlied für Katzen 11:08 Conrad Schnitzler & Pole Buy

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