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New York ambient collective Bing & Ruth sign to indie luminary 4AD for their third studio album. No Home of the Mind arrives two years after 2014’s Tomorrow Was The Golden Age on Rvng Intl. and sees the group with Kansas-born pianist David Moore at its core change their line-up once again. Reducing their 11-piece ensemble of their 2010 debut to five members, the band shifts the focus towards the piano’s percussive qualities. Maximising the effects of the instrument's soft and sustain pedals, Bing & Ruth create evocative soundscapes which grow as their chords become layered. The gaps are filled with scraping drones, at times building dense structures ('Is Drop'), at other times anchoring floating, ephemeral piano notes ('To All It'). 'Form Takes' on iridescent shapes with its oscillating arpeggios, the ever-evolving tremolo of the opening 'Starwood Choker' operates in similar ways. A richly textured album of cinematic quality.

  1. 1 Starwood Choker 6:16 Bing & Ruth Buy
  2. 2 As Much as Possible 5:40 Bing & Ruth Buy
  3. 3 Scrapes 5:18 Bing & Ruth Buy
  4. 4 Chonchos 4:58 Bing & Ruth Buy
  5. 5 The How of it Sped 5:47 Bing & Ruth Buy
  6. 6 Is Drop 5:51 Bing & Ruth Buy
  7. 7 Form Takes 6:23 Bing & Ruth Buy
  8. 8 To All It 6:02 Bing & Ruth Buy
  9. 9 Flat Line/Peak Color 6:50 Bing & Ruth Buy
  10. 10 What Ash it Flow Up 6:12 Bing & Ruth Buy

Bing & Ruth


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