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Vienna Orchestra
Vienna Orchestra
Where To Now?
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July 2016
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Dreamlike atmospherics from U. Where To Now? Has become a bastion of unique and outsider house and techno over the last few years. And U’s Vienna Orchestra is simply another batch of greatness from the label. The record’s opening is reminiscent of Walter Schumann’s ‘Night of the Hunter’ soundtrack in its deeply unsettling, creeping feel. Perhaps U’s greatest strength is the ability to turn relatively common and orthodox sounds into those that sound futuristic and daring using only simple EQs and FXs. Tracks range from running under a minute to over five, though the journey the album takes doesn’t run on the linearity of track times. It’s much more than simply the sum of its parts.

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  1. 1 Different Planes 3:01 U Buy
  2. 2 Globe Gallery 4:32 U Buy
  3. 3 U2 3:16 U Buy
  4. 4 Resurrexit 2:04 U Buy
  5. 5 Time Gallery 1:11 U Buy
  6. 6 Black Danube 5:23 U Buy
  7. 7 Red Wine 0:47 U Buy
  8. 8 Verließ 2:08 U Buy
  9. 9 Feirgil?s Chapel 1:40 U Buy
  10. 10 Crossroads of the Holy Empire 1:36 U Buy
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Where To Now?

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Experimental and Noise

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