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Shifting Values
Where To Now?
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September 11, 2020


Following up 12”s for AD 93 (formerly known as Whities), Timedance, International black, and Yume, Neinzer lands with Where To Now? for a suite of leftfield slow steppers and deep melancholic psychedelia. Having been quietly turning heads for the last few years Neinzer cuts an interesting figure in today’s electronic landscape as someone whose creations walk the lines of heavy, otherworldly, hypnotic Techno, explored by the likes of Avalon Emerson, Metrist, the Hessle Audio crew etc, whilst maintaining a gauzy, acid washed dreamy quality which recalls the work of more restrained, melodic electronica stalwarts such as Floating Points, Four Tet, Clark, etc. Neinzer’s work stands apart from all of these touch points however by utilising an often tense & unstable approach to sound design, but always injecting his worlds with huge flashes of melody, joy, and power.

We dive in with heads down intent on the opener ‘Traum’a’. Deep pads and quick paced percussive flurries shuffle below detuned piano keys, bringing an almost jazzwise leaning to the dance. Next, we lean back with ‘Nabi’, where Neinzer flexes his electroacoustic influences and explores tone & tension by melding a natural pallet of human sound with synthesized pressure to create a unique and destabilising piece.

‘Rassalin’ brings the Machine Funk and slows things right down with dizzying effect, deeply swinging its way with gritty intent through a trembling landscape on the brink of collapse. From here on out, Neinzer shifts his previous beat led focus towards something more psychedelic and exploratory – on ‘Hebdamu’ we find flourishing swathes of freeform melodic beauty build and build, snaking around the precise percussive hallmarks of Neinzer’s sound world, and ‘Shifting Values’ ends with the gloriously dubbed out experimentation of ‘Cause Pan Tact Insoluble’ – coming off like Adrian Sherwood jamming with Popol Vuh.

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Where To Now?

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