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Tundra Remixed
Tundra Remixed
R&S Records
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August 2015
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Incredible selection of remixes from Irish production duo Lakker’s debut album Tundra, released by the legendary R&S Records. The big draw here will be Mark Fell’s reduced mix of ‘Oktavist’, but elsewhere you’ll find reinterpretations by Spaces (co-producer of Björk’s ‘Quicksand’, and a member of the Bleep family to boot), Kyoka (Raster-Noton), Primitive World (a new alias of Sam Willis from Walls), and the Lakker guys themselves under their Eomac and Arad names.

Vinyl Track List

1: Oktavist (Mark Fell Remix) 2: Three Songs (Kyoka Remix)

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Oktavist (Mark Fell Remix) 7:56 Lakker Buy
  2. 2 Mountain Divide (Spaces Remix) 6:42 Lakker Buy
  3. 3 Three Songs (Kyoka Remix) 7:34 Lakker Buy
  4. 4 Pylon (Primitive World Remix) 6:23 Lakker Buy
  5. 5 Milch (Lahun Remix) 6:49 Lakker Buy
  6. 6 Oktavist (Eomac Remix) 6:54 Lakker Buy
  7. 7 Ton'Neru (Arad Remix) 5:31 Lakker Buy
  8. 8 Milch (Acid Mondays Remix) 8:08 Lakker Buy


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