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Stars Shine Like Eyes/Quasar II
Pye Corner Audio
Stars Shine Like Eyes/Quasar II
Death Waltz Originals
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May 2015
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Stars Shine Like Eyes is a journey into the mind of the head technician. Following quite a mouthful of reissues in recent weeks, from the gore-fest Cannibal Holocaust to the city-destroying Godzilla soundtrack, they throw a curveball our way with a 10" of new material by Ghost Box affiliate and master of imagined soundtracks PYE Corner Audio and in true DeathWaltz sci-fi style, the results are epic. Opener 'Stars Shine Like Eyes' is a true-to-form 2080 futurism journal glancing to the spooked-out electronics of John Carpenter's latest nights and the European 'war of the worlds' style monologues of Jacky Chalard, while on the flip 'Quasar II' goes down a wormhole of deep space exploration that combines PYE's signature fuzzy half dreamed electronics with the psychedelic Krautrock of Cluster and Tangerine Dream to stunning effect.

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  2. 2 Quasar II 10:19 Pye Corner Audio Buy

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