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Powder Horn
Shit & Shine
Powder Horn
Catalogue Number
Release Date
August 2014

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Shit & Shine, the dodgy, post-everything pet project of Texan Craig Clouse, supplies Diagonal with its latest top-notch transmission. Clouse is ever the troublemaker, subverting an inestimable number of sonic sources, from Hall and Oates bass riffs to blaxploitation soundtrack strings and 808 rhythm tracks. He supplements his twisted sample pastiche with oddball experiments, in mutant acid on ‘Value’ and sweat-soaked disco on ‘PG 13’. Once he’s fed the whole lot through his cassette desk, glitched it and ground it under his boot, you’d be lying if you said you knew what was what. Fortunately, the fun here is not in picking the music apart, but in traipsing down the rabbit-hole after the musical madman.

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  1. 1 Hiss 4:26 Shit & Shine Buy
  2. 2 You Can't 4:18 Shit & Shine Buy
  3. 3 Pearl Drop 5:30 Shit & Shine Buy
  4. 4 PG 13 6:04 Shit & Shine Buy
  5. 5 Blowhannon 5:35 Shit & Shine Buy
  6. 6 Who's Your Waitress 6:46 Shit & Shine Buy
  7. 7 Value 4:03 Shit & Shine Buy
  8. 8 Astro's Hat 5:55 Shit & Shine Buy
  9. 9 Acid Minor 4:22 Shit & Shine Buy
  10. 10 Bingo 6:04 Shit & Shine Buy
  11. 11 Shower Curtain 5:17 Shit & Shine Buy
  12. 12 Spray Bottle 5:28 Shit & Shine Buy

Shit & Shine

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