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    • Limited Orange & Blue vinyl version of the album
    • Comes with full island map and in depth story behind each track

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A real gem of an album in 2014: Cristiano Crisci aka Digi G’Alessio delivered his debut album for Black Acre 'Tayi Bebba'. A conceptual album that takes a tour of an imagined island, it references the unique soundscapes of house, footwork and hip hop, weaving it all in to a cohesive whole. To supplement this journey, the album comes with a full island map and in-depth story behind each track. Opening with a succession of waves announcing your arrival before fading into the early morning ambient shimmer of 'The Holy Cave' (coming across like Neu! 75 but recorded on a tropical summer day) before a bass heavy beat drops in half way through. The album then takes in a collage of styles from the proto disco of 'Ashiko' through to the round the world Randomer-indebted percussive workout of 'The Rainstick Fable'. Things take a slightly darker turn on 'Black Smokes, Bad Signs' where a dub echo swallows the half heard vocals and a tough techno beat shuffles into view in the distance, before things come back to the light with the 92' hardcore stylings of 'Conqueror (Remorse / Withdrawn)'. "Tayi Bebba" is a searching full length that across its journey showcases a unique approach to the styles and sounds from mutated jazz and off kilter jungle house to digidub and wooden footwork riddims all pieced together expertly, its a world that we will be returning to time and time again.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 The Holy Cave 2:52 Clap! Clap! Buy
  2. 2 Ashiko 3:24 Clap! Clap! Buy
  3. 3 The Rainstick Fable  3:50 Clap! Clap! Buy
  4. 4 Kwasi the Sorcerer 2:51 Clap! Clap! Buy
  5. 5 Black Smokes, Bad Signs  3:25 Clap! Clap! Buy
  6. 6 Conqueror (Action / Assault / Conquest) 3:41 Clap! Clap! Buy
  7. 7 Conqueror (Consequences / Memories)  3:34 Clap! Clap! Buy
  8. 8 Conqueror (Remorse / Withdrawn)  3:16 Clap! Clap! Buy
  9. 9 Burbuka 2:32 Clap! Clap! Buy
  10. 10 Sahkii (Xirhuu)  4:20 Clap! Clap! Buy
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