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In My World
In My World
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June 2014
10 Tracks
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Los Angeles-based master producer Matthewdavid returns to Brainfeeder with his second LP for the imprint entitled In My World. In contrast to the introverted, ambient tones found on his previous album Outmind, In My World is focused on beats - albeit of the lulling, dream-like variety. The opening title track lays down a solid, hip-hop indebted sound, which is joined by gentile vocals and warm chords. 'The Mood Is Right' and 'Perpetual Moon Moods' are built from rolling, chunky rhythms while 'House Of Horus' lurches with greater intensity and sharpness. Meanwhile, the plucked strings and claps of 'Artforms' add a spiritual, new-age feel. It's a playful album, one full of some of Matthewdavid's most exuberant productions to date.

  1. 1 In My World 3:32 Matthewdavid Buy
  2. 2 Cosmic Caller 2:47 Matthewdavid Buy
  3. 3 The Mood Is Right 2:23 Matthewdavid Buy
  4. 4 Perpetual Moon Moods 3:44 Matthewdavid Buy
  5. 5 House of Horus 2:19 Matthewdavid Buy
  6. 6 Next to You Always 3:11 Matthewdavid Buy
  7. 7 Artforms 3:01 Matthewdavid Buy
  8. 8 Singing Flats 2:34 Matthewdavid Buy
  9. 9 West Coast Jungle Juke 3:01 Matthewdavid Buy
  10. 10 Birds in Flight (feat. the Light of Love Children's Choir) 3:57 Matthewdavid Buy



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