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Random Access Memories
Daft Punk
Random Access Memories
Cat. No.
Release Date
May 2013
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Daft Punk make a hugely anticipated return having kept their heads down for a few years. Blazing their own trail has always been a forte of theirs, and with 'Random Access Memories' they do it again, this time with a desire to work with real musicians again and also against a backdrop of the rise of EDM in America. From the moment we heard those vintage vocoder vocals kicking in on Nile Rogers' riff on youtube, we've been aching to hear more.

With "Get Lucky" still earworming like crazy, we can start to explore this album to the full. It's even more interesting than we imagined; "Giorgio by Moroder" is as much a history lesson and a story, as well as being a clever "pop" song. "Fragments of Time" with Todd Edwards is perhaps more Doobie Brothers than speed garage, and "Doin It Right" could sit happily on the next Animal Collective album. These seemingly disparate elements work really well as whole however, with clever sequencing taking you on a real journey. When you reach the final track "Contact", all the elements fuse and echoes of all their previous work comes out for the final crescendo to staggering effect.

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  1. 1 Give Life Back to Music 4:35 Daft Punk Buy …
  2. 2 The Game of Love 5:22 Daft Punk Buy …
  3. 3 Giorgio by Moroder 9:04 Daft Punk Buy …
  4. 4 Within 3:48 Daft Punk Buy …
  5. 5 Instant Crush 5:37 Daft Punk feat. Julian Casablancas Buy …
  6. 6 Lose Yourself to Dance 5:53 Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams Buy …
  7. 7 Touch 8:19 Daft Punk feat. Paul Williams Buy …
  8. 8 Get Lucky 6:09 Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams Buy …
  9. 9 Beyond 4:50 Daft Punk Buy …
  10. 10 Motherboard 5:41 Daft Punk Buy …
  11. 11 Fragments of Time 4:39 Daft Punk feat. Todd Edwards Buy …
  12. 12 Doin' It Right 4:11 Daft Punk feat. Panda Bear Buy …
  13. 13 Contact 6:23 Daft Punk Buy …

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