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Baroque Sunburst
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November 24, 2023


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London-based DJ/producer Soreab returns to Baroque Sunburst with a highly anticipated follow-up to 2020's 'Kraepelin Avenue' EP. The new four-tracker also marks his label's 10th release.

The concept of 'Maschera' revolves around Luigi Pirandello, an Italian dramatist and novelist. His ideas of the 'mask' and 'trap' take centre stage. Pirandello believed that the concepts of 'self' and 'identity' are lost and unachievable in human beings, who are all trapped behind a metaphorical mask concealing their identities.

Each track on 'Maschera' has two masks: they can be played at both 33 or 45 rpm, a dream for DJs mixing in wide tempo mode.The title-track draws inspiration from Pirandello's masking ideas. Soreab's half-time stomper moves with the slithering grace of a snake, evolving into intricate IDM melodies riddled with complex drum patterns. ‘Trappola’ is a melodic hide and seek, with a captivating slow tribal rhythm that gradually intensifies. In ‘Specchio’ the snake returns, biting his own tail in a continuous loop, a birth and death cycle. The closing track sees the opener remixed by KRSLD, a collaborator with Soreab on the BSUN and XCPT co-release 'Marmo'. His rework builds on all the concepts Soreab explores, infusing dub with a half-time modern dancehall mood. The snake, no longer masked, is now looking for you. credits

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