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Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller III
Clone Classic Cuts
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January 15, 2013


Third instalment of classic Drexciya productions that appeared throughout the 90's on Underground Resistance. Features a couple of unreleased oddities, ''Flying Fish' and the magical 'Unknown Journey IV'. Essential release

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Smokey's Illegitimate Report 1:46 Buy

    Smokey's Illegitimate Report

  2. 2 The Countdown Has Begun 3:07 Buy

    The Countdown Has Begun

  3. 3 Aquabahn 2:09 Buy
  4. 4 Intensified Magnetron 3:20 Buy

    Intensified Magnetron

  5. 5 Sea Snake 4:45 Buy
  6. 6 Flying Fish 2:26 Buy
  7. 7 The Mutant Gillmen 5:01 Buy

    The Mutant Gillmen

  8. 8 Unknown Journey IV 3:24 Buy

    Unknown Journey IV

  9. 9 Nautilus 12 2:48 Buy
  10. 10 Vampire Island 3:24 Buy

    Vampire Island

  11. 11 Aqua Worm Hole 5:30 Buy

    Aqua Worm Hole

  12. 12 Bubble Chamber 2:21 Buy

    Bubble Chamber

  13. 13 You Don't Know 5:54 Buy

    You Don't Know

  14. 14 Red Hills of Lardossa 5:17 Buy

    Red Hills of Lardossa


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