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Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller I
Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller I
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December 2011
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The submerged aquatic realm of Drexciya finally gets pulled forth into the current context as Clone presents the first part of their timely reissue series: an almost complete collection of the mystical production unit's early works, marking the 20th anniversary of the release of their first EP, 'Deep Sea Dweller'. Re-mastered from the original master tapes, Clone take a different approach to the re-issue, choosing not to create straight re-issues of material but to compile a well-thought out and inspired new outlook, taking tracks from the albums; 'Deep Sea Dweller', 'Bubble Metropolis', 'Unknown Aquazone', 'Aquatic Invasion', 'The Journey Home', 'The Return of Drexciya' and 'The Quest', re-presenting them in a fresh arrangement for new listeners and die-hard Drexciya fans looking for a new experience, alike.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Welcome to Drexciya 2:15 Drexciya Buy
  2. 2 Wavejumper 6:40 Drexciya Buy
  3. 3 Lardossen Funk 3:56 Drexciya Buy
  4. 4 Bubble Metropolis 5:54 Drexciya Buy
  5. 5 Hydro Theory 6:48 Drexciya Buy
  6. 6 Beyond the Abyss 2:18 Drexciya Buy
  7. 7 Unknown Journey I 4:46 Drexciya Buy
  8. 8 Aquarazorda 5:52 Drexciya Buy
  9. 9 Rubick's Cube 6:23 Drexciya Buy
  10. 10 Sea Quake 4:33 Drexciya Buy
  11. 11 Take Your Mind 2:43 Drexciya Buy
  12. 12 Darthouven Fish Men 2:53 Drexciya Buy
  13. 13 Dehydration 2:55 Drexciya Buy


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