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Russell Haswell
Reality Therapy
Diagonal Records
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September 22, 2023


Multi-disciplinary hero Russell Haswell (Editions Mego, Downwards, Warp Records) returns to Powell's Diagonal imprint. Inspired by the garish overload of stimulation the world has subjected itself to in the post-lockdown era, Haswell sets his sights on the powers that be, both subtly (the dense, layered static and busy composition inside these tunes reflect these hectic times) and explicitly (the tracklist includes pointed jabs like ‘Adverse Interference’ ‘Leg-lengthening’ and ‘Tik Tok Tic’). Haswell also teamed up with the design team MuirMcNeil to oversee the interconnected visual aesthetic of Reality Therapy, and their work adds yet another uncannily algorithmic layer.

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Availability Heuristic 6:07 Buy

    Availability Heuristic

  2. 2 Adverse Inference 4:36 Buy

    Adverse Inference

  3. 3 Transparent Introspection 11:11 Buy

    Transparent Introspection

  4. 4 Leg-lengthening (Extended Autoedit) 8:32 Buy

    Leg-lengthening (Extended Autoedit)

  5. 5 Entrainment 5:28 Buy
  6. 6 Pat Roller 5:00 Buy
  7. 7 Tik Tok Tic 4:54 Buy
  8. 8 Pegasus 4:58 Buy
  9. 9 Observation Position 4:04 Buy

    Observation Position

  10. 10 Turn the Tapes Off 6:43 Buy

    Turn the Tapes Off

Track List

  1. Availability Heuristic - Russel Haswell 06:07
  2. Adverse Inference - Russel Haswell 04:36
  3. Transparent Introspection - Russel Haswell 11:11
  4. Leg-lengthening (Extended Autoedit) - Russel Haswell 08:32
  5. Entrainment - Russel Haswell 05:28
  6. Pat Roller - Russel Haswell 05:00
  7. Tik Tok Tic - Russel Haswell 04:54
  8. Pegasus - Russel Haswell 04:58
  9. Observation Position - Russel Haswell 04:04
  10. Turn the Tapes Off - Russel Haswell 06:43

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