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Bedouin Trax II
Release Date
November 5, 2021


In 2014 Bedouin Records, run by Salem Rashid and based in UAE at the time, invited Eomac to produce an EP for the label. In conversations between Salem and Ian (Eomac) it was decided that the most interesting way to pursue this was for Salem to send music from across the Arabic and Islamic worlds for Ian to sample and use as a palette of sounds to create new electronic and club tracks. The idea was to bring sounds and styles from diverse parts of the world to create music under the theme of 'oneness'.

It quickly became obvious that this was more than an EP project and it grew into the album 'Bedouin Trax' which was released in September 2016 as a double vinyl on Bedouin Records with beautiful artwork from Emirati conceptual artist Zeinab Alhashemi. Ian had written so many tracks that a second record was proposed at the time but for logistical reasons never came out.

Finally, five years later, this second collection of tracks - all made in those same sessions in 2014/15 with the samples that Salem sent - is now released to the world as 'Bedouin Trax II'. Eleven never before heard tracks that expand and continue the themes and sounds from the first record, combining Eomac's penchant for dark percussive rhythms with soulful melodies and dense sound design under the themes of unity and connection. Visceral music for body and soul.

“Thanks to Salem and Bedouin Records for the original idea and inspiration. Thank you Zeinab Alhashemi for the artwork. And a huge thank you to all the musicians that I sampled in the course of this project.” - Eomac

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Above the Clouds 1:52 Buy

    Above the Clouds

  2. 2 Shadows Encroaching 6:16 Buy

    Shadows Encroaching

  3. 3 Battle for Your Mind 4:57 Buy

    Battle for Your Mind

  4. 4 Mountaintop 2:59 Buy
  5. 5 Oracle 2:34 Buy
  6. 6 Everything Falls Away 5:05 Buy

    Everything Falls Away

  7. 7 Mind in Heart, Heart in Mind 5:46 Buy

    Mind in Heart, Heart in Mind

  8. 8 Prayer Pt.2 5:47 Buy
  9. 9 Death is Ever Present 4:07 Buy

    Death is Ever Present

  10. 10 Living in a society designed to break our spirits (but we won't let them) 3:34 Buy

    Living in a society designed to break our spirits (but we won't let them)

  11. 11 Become Whole Again 5:07 Buy

    Become Whole Again


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