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The Mu School
Various Artists
The Mu School
Planet Mu
Catalogue Number
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August 2005
14 Tracks
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At Bleep's behest, Planet Mu owner Mike Paradinas has specially curated this remastered collection of new wave beat-smiths, the Mu-comers, as an exclusive bundle including an unreleased Falty DL track.

Since 1995 Mu has been at the forefront of electronic music innovation, in the last year we have witnessed them beating down a fiery new path, releasing wave after wave of twelves from the hottest new producers on the globe: Floating Points, Raffertie, Starkey, Brackles, Few Nolder, Falty DL. This is your chance to capture all this thrilling Mu talent in the one release.

  1. 1 In System Travel 3:39 Jamie Vexd Buy
  2. 2 Mya Rave v2 4:13 Boxcutter Buy
  3. 3 Supligen 4:40 Gemmy Buy
  4. 4 The End (Untold Remix) 4:44 Milanese Buy
  5. 5 Wobble Horror! 4:45 Raffertie Buy
  6. 6 Our Love 2:57 FaltyDL Buy
  7. 7 K&G Beat 6:30 Floating Points Buy
  8. 8 Little Help From Rustie (with Tobias Schmidt) 3:35 Neil Landstrumm Buy
  9. 9 Creature 5:15 Starkey Buy
  10. 10 LHC 5:05 Brackles Buy
  11. 11 Attack Of The Giant Killer Robot Spiders! 5:19 Pinch Buy
  12. 12 Miracles (Jamie Vexd Remix) 4:47 Starkey Buy
  13. 13 Malyska 8:50 Few Nolder Buy
  14. 14 It Really Does Take Time 7:14 Legion Of Two Buy

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