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Various Artists
Soul Jazz Records presents DEUTSCHE ELEKTRONISCHE MUSIK 4 - Experimental German Rock and Electronic Music 1971-83
Soul Jazz Records
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November 13, 2020


Soul Jazz Records return to the vast well of Krautrock for their fourth instalment of the groundbreaking Deutsche Elektronische Musik series. As is the on-going project’s MO, the compilation covers a broad swathe of innovative rock and electronic music from Germany, ranging from the legendary boneheaded muso jams of Can to the criminally under-celebrated deep-space kosmische of Conrad Schnitzler, showcasing the so-called movement’s perennial relevance well into the 21st century. Focusing on the period between 1971 and 1983, this edition of the series includes long overdue celebrations of acts such as Alex, Klaus Weiss and Agitation Free.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Patella Black Alex 3:41 Buy
  2. 2 Driving Sequences Klaus Weiss 3:25 Buy

    Driving Sequences

  3. 3 I'm So Green Can 3:03 Buy
  4. 4 Laila, Part II Agitation Free 6:45 Buy

    Laila, Part II

  5. 5 Guten Abend, Leute Deutsche Wertarbeit 5:36 Buy

    Guten Abend, Leute

  6. 6 Wolf City Amon Duul II 3:20
  7. 7 Flammende Herzen Michael Rother 7:02 Buy

    Flammende Herzen

  8. 8 Pink Sails Klaus Weiss 2:07 Buy
  9. 9 My Strand-Eyed Girl Virus 4:13 Buy

    My Strand-Eyed Girl

  10. 10 Ballet Statique Conrad Schnitzler 4:56 Buy

    Ballet Statique

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