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Virtual State
Richard H Kirk
Virtual State
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January 1994
10 Tracks
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Former Cabaret Voltaire man Richard H. Kirk dropped this Warp debut in 1994 and frankly it's an amazing piece of work. Densely textured but full of those moments of haunted space that made the Cabs so special, likewise the intricate audio collage work pitched against ever-cyclical electronic dissonance and droning radio transmissions.

  1. 1 November X-Ray Mexico 8:33 Richard H Kirk Buy
  2. 2 Frequency Band 6:26 Richard H Kirk Buy
  3. 3 Come 8:02 Richard H Kirk Buy
  4. 4 Freezone 6:52 Richard H Kirk Buy
  5. 5 Clandestine Transmision 6:36 Richard H Kirk Buy
  6. 6 The Feeling (Of Warmth And Beauty) 6:08 Richard H Kirk Buy
  7. 7 Velodrome 6:56 Richard H Kirk Buy
  8. 8 Soul Catcher 7:08 Richard H. Kirk Buy
  9. 9 World War Three 5:52 Richard H Kirk Buy
  10. 10 Lagoon West 12:00 Richard H Kirk Buy

Richard H Kirk

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